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Hillary Plans To Serve Just One Term, Hates Travel • WHO: American Women Are Obese

Illustration for article titled Hillary Plans To Serve Just One Term, Hates Travel • WHO: American Women Are Obese

• In an interview in Esquire Hillary Clinton reveals that she's sick and tired of traveling. "It wears you out," she said. She goes on to discuss the counter-intuitive nature of the traveling politician in a cyber-connected world:

"you almost have to travel more, both because everybody knows you can get on an airplane and get to where they're expecting you, but also because it's almost as if the virtual reality cries out for the real relationships need to be affirmed," she said. "It's ironic." • A federal U.S. air marshal has been accused of raping a woman at gunpoint. The 24-year-old escort went to Omar Settles' hotel room, where he approached her naked, wearing nothing but his badge, and proceeded to assault her for about 10 minutes. Settles has been arrested, and is being held with bail set at $250,000. • According to a report by the U.S. health department, only 23% of women make their partners use condoms while having anal sex while 61% of men say they always use a condom. Health officials fear that this is putting women at an especially high risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. "Many people are aware of the risk of human immunodeficiency virus when men have sex with other men... For both men and women, the overall message is clear: Never engage in unprotected anal sex. Use a condom every time," said the New York City health commissioner. • There are so many things wrong with women that the Times has devoted an entire column to the issue. In this week's edition, women are bashed for karaoke. As someone who hates karaoke, this seems rather unfair (and, for the record, it's always my male friends who want to go up there and belt out a Miley Cyrus song). • This year, the Indy 500 will have a record number of women in cars. Previous years had only seen three women driving, but out of the 35 drivers assigned to cars, four are female, and a fifth might be on her way. Women to watch include Danica Patrick, Sarah Fisher, Milka Duno, Simona De Silvestro and possibly Ana Beatriz. • A new study indicates that more women in the U.S. should be classified as obese than previously thought. Federal guidelines currently use the Body Mass Index to determine obesity, but guidelines from the World Health Organization rely on percentage of body fat. Only 50% of American women of reproductive age classified as "obese" by WHO guidelines are considered obese according to their BMI. •


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I dislike bad karaoke as much as that guy (although I do love watching good karaoke), but of course it's not gender-specific.

Also, a comment on that article:

Simian George wrote:

You're lucky your partner at least has a hobby! Most of the partners i've been with don't. The closest thing most women have to a pass time is being enslaved to the endless round of soaps on telly, and very little else!

Who are these people?