Hillary Clinton's Writing a Book to Tell Us How It All Went Wrong

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Back from wandering the Chappaqua woods and enduring one of the most excruciating ceremonies in recent memory, Hillary Clinton is going to explain what the hell happened on the campaign trail from her own perspective in a series of “personal essays.”


The Associated Press reports that the book, from Simon & Schuster, is scheduled for release this fall, at which time you’ll be able to buy it at any book store that hasn’t been blasted into a steaming crater. The essays will each be based on quotes that have inspired or motivated Clinton, relating to stories “up to and including her experiences in the 2016 presidential campaign.”

“These are the words I live by,” Clinton said in a statement. “These quotes have helped me celebrate the good times, laugh at the absurd times, persevere during the hard times and deepen my appreciation of all life has to offer.”

“I hope by sharing these words and my thoughts about them, the essays will be meaningful for readers,” Clinton added.

You can also expect to see Clinton return to her public speaking tours. Not sure how this woman isn’t yet done with talking to crowds yet, but The Wellesley News announced on Wednesday that Clinton would be their 2017 commencement speaker, harkening back to her famous speech from 1969 when she became the first student to give a commencement speech at her graduation:

Clinton will be resuming her relationship with the Harry Walker Agency, the speakers bureau that was often the subject of controversy for Clinton, mainly because of her talks sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told the AP that she already has more speeches arranged, though not through HWA, for an International Woman’s Day event and at the LGBT Community Center in New York. This schedule makes it seem very unlikely that Clinton has any real plans to run for NYC mayor. In fact, compared to her previous schedule, it practically seems like retirement.

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Nacho Mammal

I really hope she calls out all the sexist shit she had to wade through... especially the sexist shit from the left.