Hillary Clinton's Campaign Headquarters Evacuated Over Suspicious Substance

Image via AP.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn were evacuated on Friday evening after employees found an envelope containing a white powdery substance.

According to CNN, the envelope was sent to Clinton’s office in midtown Manhattan, where it was first opened (perhaps by a pair of interns) around 5:30 p.m. It was then transferred to her Brooklyn headquarters for unknown reasons, where it’s discovery lead to the evacuation of the building’s 11th floor.


Fortunately, the powder tested negative for harmful substances:

“The four individuals involved have reported no health issues and, following a full examination by medical personnel, were each released to go home,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Glen Caplin in a statement.

“Our office remained open throughout this period and will remain open without interruption (Saturday) morning.”


The NYPD is continuing to investigate.

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