Hillary Clinton Says She'll Decide Next Year Whether to Run in 2016

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Don't print up your lawn signs just yet, Hillary fans and anti-fans. She swears she still hasn't decided whether she'll run for president in 2016.


The former secretary of state recently sat down for an ABC News interview with Barbara Walters, as part of "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013." Naturally, the second question out of Babs' mouth (right after how it feels for neither Hill nor Bill to be in public office) was: When will she make the call?

She responded: "It's such a difficult decision, and it's one that I'm not going to rush into. And I don't think we should be looking at the next election. I think we should be looking at the work that we have today." Which is not an answer. Barbara pressed, but all she got was the vaguest of timelines: "Obviously, I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision sometime next year."

Clinton did admit it was a relief to "get off the high wire that I'd been on for so long" and just hang out, play with the dogs, maybe catch a couple of movies. Chill Hill.

But it certainly doesn't sound like she's not running: "I care so much about what's going to happen to this country, because I am a beneficiary of all the sacrifices that my parents' generation and generations before made. I sure don't want to be part of a generation that sees America's dream be depreciated." That's practically a stump speech.

Plus she's pretty keen on the idea of a woman president (even if it's not her): "It matters. It matters because we have half the population that has given so much to building this country, to making it work, raising children and, of course, I want to see women eventually in the White House."

"I would like you to note that I have not asked you about your hair," Walters closed the interview. For the record, it looked pretty good!


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Hillary is the WORST!!!!!!!!...anyone but her...Elizabeth Warren or Jerry Brown for President.