Hillary Clinton Literally LOLs When Asked About Her Damn Emails

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In a moment that will surely make its way into a Republican candidate’s attack ad, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Hillary Clinton about her private email server during a Friday interview. He led in with a reference to Bernie Sanders and his “ya damn emails” remark, causing Clinton to start laughing uncontrollably.


It’s pretty obvious here that Clinton is laughing about Sanders, who let loose with a moment of glorious frustration during the first Democratic debate: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about of ya damn emails!” And that’s how Tapper led in during the interview:

“I know Bernie Sanders said the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” Tapper began, scrubbing the Brooklyn out of it. “But a lot of people are not, including FBI officials looking into whether national security was compromised because of this server.”

Clinton laughed for probably several beats too long after the words “FBI officials” were uttered, even taking a moment to wipe her eyes, before telling Tapper she never shared classified information over her private server:

“With all your experience, why wouldn’t you anticipate that over the course of four years, handling very sensitive diplomatic negotations, overseeing military interventions and surveillance, why wouldn’t you anticipate that something classified—whether about Iran, North Korea, or drones or an informant for the CIA— that it wouldn’t be emailed to you?” Tapper asked. “And why wouldn’t you consider that having it on your personal account with some server in Colorado might be a potential risk?”

Clinton responded that nothing she sent or received was “marked classified.” Tapper pointed out that the Inspector General of the intelligence community says otherwise, saying at least two emails contained classified information, although they weren’t marked as classified.

Clinton attributed that discrepancy to a “a very strong difference of opinion” between the Inspector General and the State Department, saying it’s an example of inter-departmental disagreements that happen all the time. “So I think a lot of this is being a public display of the very common arguments that go on between different agencies and our government,” she said. “This happens every time there is a Freedom of Information Act request.”


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Clinton speaks Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Alabama Democratic Conference. Photo via AP Images


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So I talked to some federal government friends and it’s quite common for two people from different agencies to attend the same meeting, and one writes a classified report while another writes an unclassified report with essentially the same info. We need better classification guidelines is what I get out of this.