Hillary Clinton Is Getting Paid More Than Her Husband

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It was recently announced that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would hit the speaking circuit — a sign which some took to mean that she was gearing up for a presidential run in 2016. (Though, at this point, she could eat oatmeal for breakfast and we'd probably take it to mean the exact same thing.) Yesterday, Buzzfeed reported that Clinton would be claiming a staggering $200 thousand per speaking engagement with the option of waiving the fee for causes she particularly cares about. Like — I dunno, Hillz — maybe a fan and Jezebel blogger's birthday party this weekend? (I'll wait to hear from you privately.)


Pulling in $200 thousand speaking fee is almost unheard of. Even Clinton's husband Bill, who's known for being one of the best public speakers alive, brings in, on average, $189 thousand and he, according to the Atlantic Wire, has given almost 500 speeches since he left the White House. Even immediately after leaving office, he only brought approximately $125 thousand, which, in today's economy would equal out to $162,051.10.

In other words, Hillary Clinton is a hot ticket — maybe one of the hottest tickets ever — and she's only just out of the gate. So what are the chances of her doing a Ms. Rodham World Tour?

Hillary Clinton Makes $37,948 More Per Speech Than Post-President Bill Clinton [Atlantic Wire]



I almost knocked my whole work desk over trying to give Hils the high five she's clearly asking me for.