Hillary Clinton Explodes Onto Screen for First DNC Appearance

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The second night of the Democratic National Convention ended with a bang, not a whimper, thanks to newly-inducted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


Hours after clinching the nomination for her party’s presidential candidacy—making her the first woman to be named as the Democrat leader in a presidential election—Clinton made a surprise satellite appearance at the DNC in Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

So yeah, this happened:

“What an incredible honor that you have given me,” Clinton told the audience at the Wells Fargo Arena after shattering a presidential lineage that, until now, was not generally accessible to women. “And I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.”

“This is really your victory, this is really your night,” she added.

What a time to be alive.

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Queen of the Harpies was Grr!Arrgh! but Joss had to go and be gross

When I was 10, my social studies teacher told our class that “A woman will never be elected president because women don’t vote for other women.” Not having the finely-honed misogynistic-bullshit detector I do today in elementary school, I believed him. It was years later before I realized what a horrifically fucked-up thing that was to say to a class of 5th graders.

I was driving my two-year-old daughter home this evening when the DNC officially gave the nomination to Hillary Clinton. And there were tears in my eyes when I heard it. Hillary Clinton may not be the perfect candiatate (though who is really?) but NO ONE is ever going to say that bullshit to my little girl.