Hilarious Polar Bear Pillow Pets You on the Head to Keep You From Snoring

Who knew the cure for snoring would be so adorable? Well, maybe adorable is not exactly the right word. Eerily cute, maybe? Or just plain strange. Either way, meet "Jukusui-kun" (meaning "Deep Sleep") the polar-bear-shaped robot that was designed by a Japanese professor to help people with sleep apnea stop snoring. Here's how it works: you attach a pulse-oxygen meter—which, for reasons that are not clear, is also shaped like a little stuffed polar bear—to your hand. Then you put your head on the pillow, which has a microphone inside, and you try to fall asleep, even though you're surrounded by polar bears in every direction. Once you're sleeping, the pillow detects if your oxygen level has dropped and your noise level has gone up (which means you're snoring—or screaming because you just woke up to find your head on top of a polar bear). Then it slowly moves its "paw" to nudge you and get you to turn over on your side, which is a better position for not snoring. Does it work? Who knows, but it's definitely a lot more cuddly and novel-looking than most anti-snore cures.

[Via PSFK]


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