Highly Evolved He-Man Schools World About Sluts

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A number of readers have written us about the charming, virile blogger Roissy and his guide to identifying sluts.

Roissy is a proponent of PUA (pickup artistry) or "game," and his raison d'etre is helping hapless men "bang" more chicks while spending less money, thus developing into "alpha males." Since the whole point of his blog is to treat women like prey and men like animals whose worth increases in proportion to their savagery, we're not exactly surprised that his list of "tramp tells" (used to distinguish "wife and mother of your children material" from "stopwatch material. You wonder how fast you can get her from 'Hi' to 'Spread your ass cheeks, I’m going in'") is misogynistic. Still, we thought you "wind-up Jezebel lezbots" would enjoy a few selections:

She suggests kinky sex acts.

Cosmo agrees with this one. Somehow we're not shocked by the similarity.

She *really* seems to know what she’s doing in bed.

All those man-pleasing tips aside, you'd better lie back and think of England lest he assume you're some kind of whore.

She has an impressive collection of vibrators and admits to wacking off to porn.

This means "she’s a high testosterone sex fiend who values sexual novelty more than pair bonding. This type of girl is a creature of her id. High T girls are easy to spot. Check for forearm hair, narrow hips, broad shoulders, a penchant for cursing, a flat ass (adjusted for race), career ambition, and status whoring." Thanks, Roissy, for the handy checklist of qualities that are valued in men and denigrated in women.


And, finally, combining several types of bigotry into one fetid package:

She’s black.

It's Easy To Identify A Slut [Roissy in DC]

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I wasn't shocked that he reacted that way. He feels entitled to punish anyone he thinks "deserves" it, for any offense, no matter how minor. He's a control freak.

I've read him off and on for a while. The thing that is so fascinating about his nearly nonsensical and contradictory rants is that he connects the dots, completely, between the abusive personality and the abusive culture in which we all live.

He hates women, and he hates on them in the specific ways that culture warriors use to keep the upper hand for men. He screams at women for being "sluts," for getting fat, for getting old, and THEN he says he will "punish" them by withholding his cock and, as he puts it, "Refusing to kiss ass and pretend she's above me," which seems to work out to screaming at random women in public places. (Even though the women angered him in the first place by not wanting that same cock when he thought they should). Then creeps get on and say things like, "Any reasonable man will become violent (toward women) when he realizes the truth..." and it shows that the violence our culture tolerates when it's directed towards women DOES come from EXACTLY this mindset.

I honestly think he's a feminist plant, meant to illustrate the ridiculousness of the John Wayne/Lil'Lady myth.