The New Hampshire state legislature is currently going head-to-head with their governor, battling over whether pictures of babies should be allowed on beer bottles. Truly, the states are America’s laboratories of democracy.

That’s according to the AP. You see, heretofore, it’s been illegal to include minors in alcohol ads in New Hampshire. But Rep. Keith Murphy owns a bar, and he really wants to sell Founders Breakfast Stout, which features a cartoon baby (toddler? very small child?) eating oatmeal. “No reasonable person would believe that this label is intended to appeal to minors in any way,” he told the AP. So he introduced a bill okaying kiddos on labels, as long as you weren’t actually encouraging them to take a tipple (leaving it to the Liquor Commission to adjudicate).

It passed—only to be vetoed by the governor, Maggie Hassan. Her reasoning, via the AP:

“Substance misuse, including alcohol misuse, continues to be one of the major public health and safety challenges facing us as a state,” Hassan said in her veto message. “Moreover, statistics suggest that New Hampshire has among the highest rates of underage drinking in the country.”

Well, in response, two-thirds of the House reps have now voted to override her veto. LIVE FREE OR DIE, MAGGIE. Now it’s up to the Senate. Choose wisely, august senators.


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Image via Founders Brewing.