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Hey, Soldier. Your Fly Is Down.

Illustration for article titled Hey, Soldier. Your Fly Is Down.

Please turn your attention to the gentleman on the right, in the slightly less unfortunate of the two ensembles before us. He is Marine Corps veteran Mark Geist, and if you’ll look carefully, his fly is down.


According to the Military Times, Geist and fellow Marine Corps veteran John Tiegen have taken the stage at the Republican National Convention to critique Democratic presidential candidate nominee Hillary Clinton’s response to the 2012 Benghazi attack. Both Tiegen and Geist were involved as security contractors.

But an unzipped fly is bound to catch somebody’s eye, and so it did.


This mishap might have been avoided if Geist had left his dad jeans at home. Though, at least his belt buckle is not a garish atrocity like the one topping off Tiegen’s ensemble.

Images via Twitter.

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How is that not the last thing you check before you go on stage at a massive televised event? I always have the same list of checks before something important: 1. Nothing in nose 2. Nothing in teeth 3. Boobs not escaping from shirt 4. Fly is up/skirt isn’t tucked into underwear.

Too busy keeping the lies straight, boys?