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What’s the most you would pay for a single paperclip? Probably a dollar at most, maybe three? What about a paperclip that’s actually a money clip?

What about a $185 Prada paperclip money clip? At first, you might laugh at the idea of purchasing a $185 paperclip. Because few people have likely considered purchasing a literal paperclip for their bills (“Why, when you can use a wallet?” is the natural line of thought). But then maybe you consider the fact that a paperclip is used to “clip” “paper”—hence, the name “paperclip”—so maybe a paperclip is the best way to keep (aka clip) your money (aka paper) together. Does it matter that it’s the shape of a paperclip, not an actual paperclip?


Anyway, Barney’s is selling the paper money clip on its site:

Made in Italy, Prada’s sterling silver money clip is designed in the shape of a paperclip.

  • “Prada” embossed at one side.
  • Polished sterling silver.
  • 6.25cm length x 2.25cm width (approximately).
  • Made in Italy.

Notice that they made sure to stress that it’s “Made in Italy.”

If $185 is too much, there is a cheaper version for $150.

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