Hey Man, Clean Up Your Funky Clamshells!

Image via NBC 10
Image via NBC 10

A bunch’a funky clamshells are laying on a road in Rhode Island and they’re COVERED IN MAGGOTS.


For days, the people of Tiverton have been forced to endure the stench of thousands of clamshells that were dumped on the road last week. The New York Times reports that “the uncleaned shells had meat still attached, leading to a putrid smell as it decomposes.”

When the station tried to contact the property owner, Davis Rose, he hung up and reportedly refuses to respond to voicemails. Via WJAR-TV:

Neighbors said the owner is using the shells to build the access road to his farm. But they say he used unwashed clams.

Video shows a sea of maggots crawling over the smelly shells like a scene from The Walking Dead. One resident, unable to handle the funk, told NBC 10, “It’s like bodies decaying. So, you’ve got about a million bodies decaying.” A “Honk if it stinks” sign by the road encourages drivers to voice their concern... by blasting their car horn to whoever happens to be standing around near the road at the time.

Pick up your damn clamshells! Only in Rhode Island...

Culture Editor, Jezebel


I live in Rhode Island, but this is is a new one for me. It just started getting warm again, so I don’t doubt things are pretty pungent.

(For the record, I’m originally (and eternally) a Pacific Northwest boy, and had nothing to do with these damn clams. Where I come from, we have these enormous things called geoducks, and they’re pretty gross even while they’re still alive and kicking.)