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Hey Kids

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How did everyone's Take Your Daughters To Work Day go? (This woman doesn't believe in it.) Speaking of: We'd love to know what everyone thought of yesterday's Tweeting. Our take: Never. Again. [Penelope Trunk]


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I loved it!

I had the ShortAuthorGirl with me all afternoon. I had to be very careful with my Jezebelling however - the child can read and I wasn't in the mood to answer the question: "Mommy? What do ASSHAT mean?"

She entertained the ever-lovin' shit out of some people I was on a conference call with. I'd prepared them beforehand, so one intrepid (read: ass kisser) employee asked her a direct question at the end of the call:

"So, ShortAuthorGirl, did you like being in a meeting with your mom?"

ShortAuthorGirl, with a world-weariness that only a 6 year old can convey, said: "Yeah. I ate a brownie so I be quiet. I like brownies, so..."

Afterward, I also had to explain to her that cloud computing was not computers made of actual clouds. That was a fun discussion.