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Hey. I'm Kim.

Illustration for article titled Hey. Im Kim.

Sometimes you’re invited to a party for an open-air observation deck and 70th-story glass slide, and when that happens you sometimes want to wear a length of cord as a necklace and not much else. It’s see-through, inspired by the architecture!

O hey I didn’t see you there
O hey I didn’t see you there

Kendall hosted the party and doesn’t totally know her brother-in-law’s lyrics.


Kim and this lady who has a similar face don’t seem to know the lyrics to the chorus of “Big Pimpin.” It’s just the Jiggaman, Pimp C and B-U-N B, ladies! Have some goddamn respect!

Oh what a night.

TFW the human condition
TFW the human condition

Images via Splash News

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Virginia is for Fighters

Is it weird that of all the Kim outfits, I’m like, eh this one kind of looks not that bad!

I’m desensitized aren’t I? Desensitized to Kanye’s fashion.