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Hey, Drake.

Drake, boo, what are you doing?

Admittedly, I am not an orthopedic surgeon and, in fact, I’ve not had any medical training whatsoever. However, I do have eyes and deductive reasoning.


This Wednesday, Drake posted a loud message on his website explaining to his fans that due to a “RECENT ANKLE INJURY,” he would be canceling a series of back to back to back shows “UNDER DOCTOR’S ORDERS.” Drake was sad about this.

He did not, however, dwell on either his sadness or his medical advice because on Wednesday night he performed a show in Chicago where he looked mighty sprightly. Now, in the spirit of fairness and an appreciation for a lightskinned who’s always in his feelings, it seems the issue may have been the three shows in a row schedule, meaning his one show in Chicago was kosher.


Why are you taking a full body ice bath, my man?


Performing is hard work, yes, but Drake seems to have himself confused with his ex-girlfriend. Drizzy has always been extra but this is a lot even for him.

Wasn’t it just one ankle, buddy? Again, not a doctor, but as someone who played sports and dealt with a few ankle injuries, I feel like an ice pack might have done the trick!


We heard you the first time, Drake! You don’t have to prove anything to us.

We believe you.

We believe you.

We believe you.

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