Hey: Don't Kiss Chickens

No kissy kissy! (Photo via Getty Images.)
No kissy kissy! (Photo via Getty Images.)

Well, the big government party poopers are at it again. First the FDA won’t let us eat raw cookie dough; now the CDC says not to kiss chickens. Is there anything we are still allowed to do?

The Washington Post points to a new report from the CDC, warning about the potential public-heath consequences of the current enthusiasm for backyard chickens and the fact that chickens are increasingly treated like pets rather than livestock. Specifically: salmonella outbreaks.

Says the CDC: “Historically, these outbreaks involved young children, occurred in the spring months around Easter, and were associated with birds obtained as pets,” often dyed bright colors because the 50s were a different time indeed, my friend. However, “Currently, public health officials are identifying LPAS [or, live poultry–associated salmonellosis] outbreaks linked to backyard poultry flocks that are affecting adults and children.”


According to outbreak data, “Most contact occurred at the patients’ home, and high-risk behaviors included keeping poultry inside the house and having close contact, such as holding, snuggling, or kissing poultry.”

The CDC concludes:

Persons need to be aware that healthy poultry can shed Salmonella intermittently, that persons need to wash their hands after contact with live poultry, that young children are at an increased risk for salmonellosis, and that poultry should never be allowed inside the house.

More like the Centers for FUN Control.

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