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Hey Beauty School Drop Outs, Here's Your Hand-Jivin' Grease: Live! Liveblog

Illustration for article titled Hey Beauty School Drop Outs, Heres Your Hand-Jivin iGrease: Live! /iLiveblog

Because we at Jezebel are in the habit of documenting the most important sociopolitical moments of our time, we have united as one to liveblog Fox’s Grease Live! with a sharp-eyed panel of Grease experts, pundits, and tween YouTube stars. Join us as we evaluate each subtextually sexual moment, and take stabs at pronouncing Aaron Tveit’s last name for when we marry him.


The most pressing questions in the world: will they scrub the parts about boning? Was Carly Rae Jepsen typecast as Frenchy? How will Julianne Hough translate into “Bad” Sandy? Also, who is Aaron Tveit, at his core? We’ll be breaking it all down all night long, so grab an adult milkshake and grease up your hot rod cause we were all born to freakin’ hand jive.



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You guys, I just told my dude that this was happening, and he was all like “I’ve never actually seen Grease.”

I literally just moved his furniture into this house. What the fuck do I do now? I can’t break up with him at this point, right? Or should I? Jezzisphere, WHAT DO I DO?