He's Just Not That Into You — First Review

Illustration for article titled emHes Just Not That Into You/em — First Review

"It makes men look like toads… Rolls out like an instructional soap opera… [Ginnifer Goodwin's character] might as well have 'desperately needy' tattooed to her forehead…"

"No one has anything to distract them from the minutiae of their love lives, which they proceed to incinerate through overanalysis. It's a moral fable, maybe, if you make half a million a year." [Variety]

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I do not care how many posts there are about this movie, I will see it and likely enjoy it.

I'm not going to see it because I think I'm going to learn some earth-shattering tale about my own love life (or lack thereof), but to be entertained! I got my life lessons/crying taken care of with Benjamin Button and my political awareness with Frost/Nixon.

It is time for fluff.

PS: I have nothing to distract me from the minutae of my love life and I make far, far less than $500k a year. It's either focus on my bad taste in dudes or have mini panic attacks everytime my manager calls me into her office.