Hero Man/Nail Fiend Scams $1632 Worth of Essie Nail Polish

In a bit of news Essie should probably jump on as an endorsement, an unidentified gentleman entered a Midtown Duane Reade, shoved 192 bottles of Essie nail polish into a backpack—their entire stock—and dipped.

The stolen goods added up to $1632, which is a lot, but the thief knew what he was after: Essie is good-ass nail polish, and comes in good-ass colors! Great formula, excellent pigmentation, doesn’t easily chip. According to a store employee, he took everything but extraneous items like “nail growth treatments,” and the store—which is located at 22 West 48th Street, right near the heart of Rockefeller Plaza—is “restoring it slowly.”


We don’t know why the enterprising man stole the polish, exactly; he could totally be a nail blogger, or he could be one of those guys that sells jacked shit off a table outside a subway stop. But this isn’t the first time Essie’s been stolen like this; in 2013, three people in South Florida went on an Essie-jacking spree, nabbing $5000 worth from a beauty shop in Pembroke Pines, and hitting up a West Palm Beach CVS for 143 bottles more. In February 2015, a burglar raided a Brooklyn salon for 400 bottles of polish, and just three days ago, two shoplifters in Lake Orion, Michigan stole 90 bottles from a CVS.

Is there a Reddit thread or something? Can you make meth from Essie? Is this an eBay scam? Or—lo—are all these people just super into having beautiful nails? I will be following these stories to keep you updated on any breaking news!

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Image via Essie

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