Here's Zendaya With a Reminder That Celebs Are Always Wearing Weaves

Have you truly learned the difference between extensions, weaves and wigs in your lifetime? Many black women are taught these distinctions early on in life as we discover the variety of ways to style our hair (many of which require additional length) to protect the hair in its natural state and encourage growth. But it’s easy for others to remain oblivious.

So Zendaya is here to explain. Let the brief tutorial above also serve as a reminder that every celebrity you know is wearing a weave, wig or extensions at most times, even the ones you think are not.


“These are clips. They’re a form of extension that you clip onto your hair,” says Zendaya.



“Tracks can be made into clips. They can be taped into hair or they can be sewn into hair.”


“A weave is when you braid your hair up, have a net over it and you weave the hair, the tracks...into the net that is sewn onto your head.”


Lacefront wigs:

“Those are the best when it comes to full coverage and looking natural. They can be applied with tape and/or glue.”


Lastly, Zendaya notes that the secret to women going from straight to curly hair is pretty simple: science and water, which reverts hair to its natural state. “If anybody’s wondering how people get their hair so curly,” she says, “they usually take a shower.”

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I’m so thankful to women like Zendaya who are normalising fake hair. I’m a white woman who wears a lace front wig due to severe trichlomania. It’s seriously amazingly how fascinated non-wig wearers are when they find out about it, and I think most of the white women I know would secretly love to wear a bunch of different wigs all the time, but there’s still quite a bit of stigma about it.