Here's Zendaya Horsing Around At the British Fashion Awards

Is Zendaya a horse girl? Because she showed up to the British Fashion Awards today in a gown fit for a very posh equestrian.


The design of her black velvet gown, which is by new Italian fashion label Vivetta and styled by Law Roach, makes it look like two small horses are saving Zendaya from a fashion mishap. Or maybe they’re moving in to share a passionate kiss across her chest?

To be honest, if you told me this dress was by Nasty Gal I might believe you. But I dig Zendaya’s short blonde pixie and give her props for going with something weirder on the red carpet.


Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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It’s like a figure skater from 1988, a goth from 1997, and a little girl who really loves horses all got into a time machine together and arrived in 2017 as a fashion chimera.

I want to know if other versions of this outfit exist on different timelines somewhere.