Here's Your Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 Open Thread

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

We already showed you the unfortunate looks, now get into the live action and the live performances from Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Joanne. Who’s your favorite angel! What’s your favorite walk? Why is she wearing that thing! As the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 recorded last week in Paris finally airs (on CBS at 10/9 Central), here is where you can get into all your feelings—together.

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HELLO LADIES! Update in my issue from SNS, I texted dude that what he said really hurts me. Apparently he needs to rectify how he thinks of me intellectually with what he *expects physically* from his partner. What the actual fucking fuck ? I’m basically going to tell him he’s projecting. No woman will ever satisfy him until he’s ok with himself because I’m FUCKING AMAZING. So I’m definitely of the mindset of dropping him. Hard.