Here's Your Open Thread for Scandal and the Rest of the TGIT Line-Up, All Thankfully Back Tonight

Image via ABC.
Image via ABC.

Shonda Rhimes’ unrelenting grip on your Thursday evening is back tonight with the premiere of the 6th season of Scandal and the mid-season return of Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder.


Due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy and a stupid move by ABC, we had to wait even longer than usual for new episodes of Scandal so I’m sure we’re all praying Shonda Rhimes and company made it worth it.

Tonight in the TGIT universe, we’ll find out whether or not Alex Karev is going to prison; Wes is dead and I’m certain we won’t learn who killed him this evening, but the ball will probably get rolling; and, of course, we’ll (hopefully) get the results of the fictional but frighteningly realistic results of the presidential election with Olivia Pope.

Tonight I’ll be making tacos and drinking tequila and allowing myself this brief vacation into fantasy instead of thinking about the non-scripted world. I suggest you do the same.

Senior Writer, Jezebel


America went and elected Hollis Doyle. Even a night time soap was too grounded to be this farcical.


Woohoo ma shows are back! I’m looking forward to HTGAWM more though, because I’m not playing Shonda’s game if she wants to revive that awful coupling.