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Here's Your First Look at the Dick-Centric Veronica Mars Spinoff

Illustration for article titled Heres Your First Look at the Dick-Centric emVeronica Mars/em Spinoff

"Dick as a private eye? That's kind of a tough sell," says Kristen Bell in the trailer for Play It Again, Dick, the new webseries from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. Kristen, you couldn't be more wrong.


The teaser, which parodies The Newsroom, shows Dick (played by the affable Ryan Hansen) riding a motorcycle, Dick doing backflips, Dick hanging out with Logan and Dick doing lots of other super cool things. In other words, this is the opposite of a tough sell.

We want the D.


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Beyond being a die hard VMars fanboy, I will support this because Ryan Hansen may be the most honest-to-god awesome "celebrity" I've ever met. Story time:

I was in LA one night after an Augustana concert and saw him sitting at a table with his wife and few of their friends. Naturually, I freaked the fuck out because it's DICK CASABLANCAS. So my friend convinced me to buy a beer and offer it to him. He took it and invited me to sit with him and his friends for a minute for another drink. Sat with him for like half an hour and shot the shit which he wasn't required to do, but it was appreciated either way. So yeah, super hyped about this show.