Specifically, you’ll have to clean her stuff.

People points to a job listing by the Royal Household advertising for a live-in “housekeeping assistant” at Buckingham Palace, where “you’ll clean and care for interiors and items from carpets and furniture to historic vases and irreplaceable paintings.”

“This is no standard housekeeping role,” the listing preens. “You’ll work, and live, in stunning historic settings, ensuring that they’re presented to their best for colleagues, guests and, of course, the Royal Family.” Of course! And: “You’ll take care of guests and support special events too.” MBEs, OBEs, OVOs, whatever.

The pay? Well, how can you put a monetary value on the opportunity to feel “house-proud about the world’s most famous homes”? But in terms of cold, hard cash, if you absolutely must know: “£16,755 per annum plus 15% employer contribution pension scheme and benefits.” According to some quick Googling, that’s not quite $22,000 at current conversion rates. Meals and residence are provided—for which there’s been a salary adjustment—and they probably have to be, because how else could anyone afford to live in London at that salary?

Just beware the ancient pipes.