Here's Where You Can See Titanic Memorabilia In Person

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Though just about everyone knows who Rose Dawson Calvert (née Bukater) is now, her contributions to the art world went largely unnoticed before Kate Winslet famously portrayed her in 1997's landmark film Titanic. As a patron of the arts, she used her family’s money to support up-and-coming painters like Edgar Degas and Claude Money as they began their careers. Some might say that without her help, they wouldn’t be the household names they are today.

After sinking to the bottom of the sea in 1912, many pieces from Rose’s stunning collection were pulled from the Titanic’s wreckage in the 90s, and have since been acquired by various museums around the world.


Here’s where you can find them right now!

Image via Wikimedia

Who Painted It? Edgar Degas

What’s It Called? The Star (Dancer On Stage)

Where Is It Now? Musée d’Orsay | Paris, France

Image via Wikimedia

Who Painted It? Claude Monet

What’s It Called? Water Lillies

Where Is It Now? Museum of Fine Arts | Boston, USA


Who Painted Them? Something Picasso?

What Are They Called? They’re just untitled finger paintings, really.

Where Are They Now? No one knows! He didn’t amount to a thing, trust me!

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