Here's What Happens When You Combine All 31 of People's Sexiest Men Alive

Images via People

For the past three decades, People has spent a large chunk of every year sifting through a shallow pool of conventionally attractive famous men who are currently promoting a movie (or two or three) in the hopes of finding a single face that they deem the sexiest one alive.


This man is usually American. He is usually clean shaven. He usually has short, brown hair. Nine times out of ten (or, more specifically, 29 times out of 31) he is white. And when you combine all of them into a single, blurry, sexy man, he is... Spencer Pratt? Aaron Paul? Edward Norton? A formerly sexy man being worn as a human suit by one of those bug aliens from Men in Black?

I’m not sure, but I’m horrified.

Images via People
Images via People

Who or what do you think this allegedly “sexy” man looks like?

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Bobby Finger

This version may be a little better.