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Here's What Happens When an Audience Member Tells Wendy Williams She's Wrong

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Wendy WIlliams Cardi Pregnant

During the Hot Topics segment of Tuesday’s Wendy Williams Show, Not Jerry O’Connell discussed the pregnancy rumors that have been surrounding Cardi B for the past several weeks. “I still don’t think she’s pregnant,” Wendy says, after reporting the latest gossip that she’s furious at someone “in her team” for leaking the news.

“She is,” says an audience member after Williams makes her decree.

“Is she?” Wendy asks.

At this point, most of the audience responds with a chorus of yeses, but a particularly confident voice from the front row catches Wendy’s attention. Though a little hard to make out, their commentary sounds something like, “...for a fact.”


“Excuse me? You know for a fact?” And that’s when Wendy stands up.

Had that voice belonged to me, and had I seen Wendy Williams’s towering figure march toward my seat with cameras rolling, I would have run out of the studio, swam across the East River, and not stopped until I was locked in the bathroom of my apartment—wrapped in the shower curtain and clutching a butter knife for protection.


But this person—Nikki (sp?)—was no coward, and sat confidently (next to artist Jeanette Hayes) as Wendy shoved her way in the seat beside them. Producers quickly dealt with this improvised audience participation, and rushed a handheld mic to the front row. Nikki, bless her heart, thought the microphone was for her, and was—with a swipe from Wendy—quickly taught a lesson.

A transcript of Wendy’s McCarthyist interrogation is below:

WENDY: Who are you?

NIKKI: Hi, I’m Nikki.

Hi Nikki...Are you friends with Cardi B?

No. No. I’m not friends with her.

Where did you see her?

I saw her with the full bump.

Where? On TMZ with the rest of us?

No no no no no, in person!


Somewhere. It was a photoshoot.

And did she have on a lot of tulleing in front?

No no, she was, you know.

What as she wearing?

Like a high-waisted skirt I think? She was trying to cover it.

Uh huh. She’s pregnant.

She’s pregnant.

When’s the last time you saw her?

[Unintelligible] months ago.

Case closed, people.

So, yes, Cardi B is probably pregnant, and we know this thanks to an outspoken member of Wendy Williams’s lovely audience. But the moral of the story is this: never grab Wendy’s mic.