Here's the Littlest Jonas Getting All Sexy-Like in His New Movie

Ugh, you know that feeling of parental discomfort you get when the people you used to babysit slowly grow into adults and start expressing themselves as sexual beings and you can't really handle it because you still see them as teeny-tiny kids? (Just me?) That's exactly how I feel while watching this trailer for Careful What You Wish For, which features Nick Jonas, the youngest of the JoBros, all shirtless and smoochin' married ladies.


Sorry, Nick. I can't deal. That said, I will be picking you up from soccer practice at 4 and your mom should be home by 8.

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Kaykay says spring is here

Even though I have no idea what he looks like now, I used to have a hugely inappropriate crush on this one (He's BEAUTIFUL, but I clearly never bothered to learn his name. Bit too religious for my tastes. AND FAR TOO YOUNG).

God, he was so pretty. It's the gorgeous long hair. And those lips. And just basically everything.

Goddamnit, I wish my b/f would agree to grow his hair again. He cut it off JUST before we met, so I've seen pictures, but never enjoyed it in person. Major timing fail.