Here's the Latest, Very Groovy Trailer for The Incredible Jessica James

Ever since Jessica Williams seized our attention as a correspondent on the Daily Show, we’ve eagerly followed her rising star. Now we’re fortunate to be mere weeks from the release of her loosely-autobiographical film, The Incredible Jessica James. And the latest trailer suggests that, indeed, something incredible is coming our way.

As Vulture reports, this Netflix original film follows 25-year-old Jessica as she both charms and baffles those who encounter her. She brings an anti-patriarchy children’s book as a gift to a baby shower and, as a result, confronts several pairs of blinking eyes. She dances with abandon on roofs and in clubs, and from the looks of it, many men are desperate for her attention.

It’s Chris O’Dowd, however, who plays the role of her love interest, and from the little we see, he and Williams share comedic and romantic chemistry. The delightful Noël Wells—she plays Dev’s girlfriend Rachel in the first season of Master of None—seemingly portrays a close friend.


Thankfully, we need only wait until July 28 for the premiere.

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Herve Villechaize

O’Dowd: “Jessica, I really like you.”

Jessica: “Of course, you do. Everybody does. I’m friggin’ dope.”