Here's the I'm Realest Interview Jennifer Lopez Has Done in Awhile

These days, Jennifer Lopez doesn't often come off as a particularly interesting celebrity or performer. However, in this new interview with radio host Big Boy, J. Lo manages to talk about old, boring topics like her ass, whether or not she's a super diva and her ex-boyfriends, all while seeming pretty chill and funny.

Seriously, if there was ever a convincing argument the woman should only do video interviews from here on out, this would be it. When asked who she would save if she saw Ben Affleck and P. Diddy drowning in the ocean and could only help one, Lopez said, "I'd let both those mutherfuckers drown!"

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I never understood the J-Lo hate. She was a Fly Girl, she was great in the movie "Selena," I was ok with her music in the early 2000s (real talk: haven't listened to her much in recent years). So she comes off as diva? To me, she doesn't come off nearly as diva or eccentric as Mariah Carey (who I sort of find amusing in interviews, but I'm not into her singing...although I understand she has real vocal range). Jennifer Lopez also does not come off to me as any less interesting than most other celebrities who are so insulated with spokespeople and PR staff that you rarely hear what their real opinions are on anything. I find her much less obnoxious than Gwyneth Paltrow. Jennifer Lopez has done some crappy movies, but she has "it," charisma. I like watching her! And what does "diva" mean now, anyway? That she is a successful woman who likes things done a certain way? Or that she is rude/obnoxious about it? I'm honestly asking.