Sarah Silverman has just released a full episode of Susan 313 โ€” the pilot she made for NBC that they ultimately decided to pass on โ€” to her YouTube channel.

The episode starts with a brief disclaimer from Silverman in which she thanks everyone involved in the project and clarifies, "This isn't like 'Can you believe [NBC] didn't pick this up?' โ€” this isn't that kind of posting. They probably did the right thing, but we liked the show and, amazingly, the studio who owns it โ€” 20th Century Fox โ€” is letting us post it on Jash, which is crazy and very cool."

Overall, Susan 313 is pretty hit-or-miss, with the best parts being the self-reflexive moments when Sarah Silverman's character Susan pauses her life to discuss it with a focus group who aptly points out what a self-involved person she is and some of the flaws of the show as a whole.

After watching, it's not terribly surprising that the network passed on a pick-up, but you have to wonder how the show would have grown, especially considering its impressive cast (featuring Tig Notaro, Harris Wittels, June Diane Raphael and Jeff Goldblum).