Here's the First Teaser for Ice-T and Coco's 'Real, Crazy' Talk Show

In this cute teaser for Ice-T and Coco’s upcoming talk show, the couple tells us what to expect from their new venture. Three words: “Real, crazy, funky,” says Ice-T.

Three additional words to probably describe this show: Scandalous. Wild. Freaky.

In the promo above, Ice-T explains his background to all the people who don’t know he invented gangsta rap before transitioning to acting. Coco meanwhile explains her interesting branding philosophy. “I’ve branded myself to be sexy and be also a wife at the same time,” she says. “I want to just help people. I feel like that’s my calling.”


Don’t expect gossip. Expect fun, according to this. The show premieres August 3 on select Fox-owned stations.

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OT: a few weeks ago, I was in a park in Chelsea. I see these two huge, cute bulldogs sniffing around. Cute! I walk over, making oochie-goochie noises. The owner holding the leashes has her back turned to me, but I glance over and can’t help but think, “that is the most astonishing rear end I’ve ever seen.”

Spoiler alert: it’s Coco.