Here's the First Hilarious Photo From VH1's New Scripted Show Inspired By The View

In 2011, Star Jones published a “work of fiction” called Satan’s Sisters, inspired by her time at daytime TV’s version of an antibiotic resistant strain of MRSA, The View. Earlier this year, it was announced the show would be adapted as a scripted series for VH1. This week, the first image production still was released, and you must look at it.

The show, now called (hold onto your butts) Daytime Divas, appears to center around a View-like show called (hold onto your butts again) The Lunch Hour. In a photo shared by Entertainment Weekly, Vanessa Williams can be seen staring at her coworkers as if asking, “Why the hell have I been co-hosting this show for 15 years? And why the hell did that blonde in the middle just say that ignorant thing? And what the hell is her name?” You know, typical questions View co-hosts ask themselves several times a day.


Daytime Divas premieres on VH1 next year, and Jezebel’s Managing Editor Kate Dries cannot fucking wait.

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