Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has managed to cover a wide variety of topics that most basic cable TV shows struggle to deal with or entirely ignore, but there’s one that the CW simply wasn’t willing to air: having sex while menstruating.

Uproxx reports that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was originally picked up by Showtime, and that though the tone of the series hasn’t changed for the most part, there are still some things that just won’t fly on the CW network. Bloom and the writers have been teasing “Period Sex” for sometime now, even showing brief clips of the song and video before it gets interrupted by other episode events. She promised in mid-January that the full song would be released online, but probably not even on Netflix:

Was it worth the wait? Bloom does sing a few great suggestions for period sex, some I was familiar with, like “put a towel down,” and some that are more revelatory, like “pretend it’s cherry lube.” Also, very interesting that Bloom ends with apologizing for ruining the sheets. In my opinion, when decide to ride the crimson wave, you’re aware you might get splashed. No apologies.