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Here's That Other TV Movie About Will & Kate That You Didn't Ask For

We laughed, and said "of course!" when we learned that Lifetime would make a movie about Wills and Kate back in March. Then we watched (and laughed at) it when it aired in April. And now, in August, we've learned that one flick is not enough: the Hallmark channel has made a movie about the very same topic. But! There are differences: Hallmark's edition is titled William And Catherine (Lifetime went with William And Kate) and it looks as though Hallmark's has 100% more '80s-era Diana. See? Totally different.


The movie premieres Saturday, August 27 at 9pm on Lifetime, er, we mean Hallmark.


We Watched Lifetime's William And Kate So You Don't Have To

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Why is Victor Garber in this? You don't have to do this, Garber! You have options!