Here's Some Makeup I Threw On for Brunch in Self-Isolation

Inspired by our 24-Hour Product Diaries, Jezebel brings you Dirtbag Product Diaries, a video series showcasing the beauty routines keeping us afloat during isolation.

Since the start of the pandemic—a time that feels like it may as well be 20 years ago—I’ve been shacking up at my boyfriend’s place in the Bronx. Early on, we developed the habit of fixing Sunday brunch together: putting on our “good” clothes, cooking an indulgent (and definitely unhealthy) meal, and feeling just a little bit like life as we’d known it hadn’t been thrown completely by the wayside. It was a respite.


This video was recorded before the massive, nationwide protests that have upended our country in all the ways it needed to be upended, and there’s still so much more to go. Our Sunday brunches have been paused for the last couple weeks, and it feels a bit disorienting to look at myself earnestly talking about eyeshadow—like seeing photos of yourself at a high school dance. I know that beauty, care, and rest are not antithetical to doing hard, necessary work; they can, with great intention, be a small way of healing. A little ground to play.

It’s with that in mind that I offer up this little beauty ritual. I may not return to it today or this weekend, but it feels a little nice to know it is still available to me, when the time feels right.

Staff writer, The Root.



Anne, honey, you don’t need to do one thing to look luminous and dewy and young and lovely just as you are.

I’m 900 years old now though, and at your age I also loved makeup. I look at pictures of my bare face back then and wonder what the hell I was worried about, but let’s face it makeup is so much fun

I still love makeup, but now my goal is simply not to frighten small children, not actual beauty.
(I would love to show people MY weekend look, just so everyone could feel a lot better. My give-a-shitter is broken.)