Here's Sean Spicer Getting Very Upset Over What Is a Wall and What Is a Fence

Image via MSNBC/Twitter.
Image via MSNBC/Twitter.

During his daily briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had an interesting exchange with Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering about the size of Donald Trump’s planned wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.


The context of the back and forth between Spicer and Breitbart reporter was not the necessity of the wall nor its monumental stupidity or even over the massive waste of federal funds. No, indeed, dude fights are never so sensible. Instead, this rousing dude fight was over whether or not the wall is big enough to actually be a wall or whether its diminutive size was more indicative of a fence. The exchange began when Spiering asked Spicer why the President was more focused on “existing border security measures rather than the fighting for the wall that [Trump] promised that he would build?”

Spicer, apparently prepared for the question, came armed with the least convincing communication tool mankind has ever invented: a PowerPoint presentation. “This is what exists right now throughout our country,” Spicer said with photographs of the current barriers flanking him on both sides. “You have got places that can get burrowed under. That one they’ve cut through,” he noted. Spicer triumphantly added that the Trump administration is addressing the current porous structures by adding “steel bollard designs” that will, apparently, protect border agents.

That wasn’t apparently good enough for Spiering who asked Spicer to differentiate between fences and walls. “Just one question about the photos,” the Breitbart reporter said, “are those photos of fences or walls?” Spicer, who by now was clearly losing his calm, shot back: “Bollard wall! Levy wall!” A deeply uninteresting exchange about architectural terminology ensued.

The important point here is that Spicer was incredibly pissed and the Breitbart reporter seems really disappointed that Trump’s beautiful wall isn’t the grand statement of American isolationism that he hoped it to be. Instead, it’s just pitiful “tough-guy fencing.” It ends with Spicer red-faced, promising that “the President said he was going to build the wall and he’s doing it!”

Enjoy the full exchange:


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