Here's Richard Simmons Going Off the Rails on Live TV This Morning

Richard Simmons was on Access Hollywood Live this morning, and as usual, he was a roller-coaster of emotions and moods. Things started out animated, energetic, wacky: He did an "Indian" accent and also put a bowl on his head (while making some kind of jokey face). But he hates when he's not the center of attention. So when Maksim Chmerkovskiy showed up, Simmons pretended to throw up in his mouth, then had a hissy fit and pretended to leave the set. He stuck around, making sure he was on camera, but eventually wandered around aimlessly. Later, when it was clear they were ignoring him and going on with the show, he threw himself across a table and played dead for a while.


When it was finally time for his segment, Simmons went from singing and making jokes to (faux?) tearfully describing overweight people with no self-worth. But immediately after his weepy speech, he went right back to cracking, "I was a fishstick in my last life."

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