Here's Proof That Even Adults Can Recapture the Idiocy of Being a Teen

It’s a sunny Thursday morning in August. You’re on the J/M/Z line in New York City, going over the Williamsburg Bridge. You’re with your special someone. You glance at one another. Why not just...sneak away...for a little rendezvous...between the cars of the train you’re on?


This photo of this beautiful moment in time was taken by a friend on her commute into Manhattan today. “The couple who rode between the trains across the bridge at 9 am so they could make out — I assume because coffee was insufficient this morning,” she captioned the photo.

“They’re teens right?” I replied. No, she let me know. “These were sadly adults.”

“Also I was scared for them because the door to the other car was missing a handle but they managed it somehow,” she added.

Is it sad? Or is it truly beautiful? Let this couple teach us all a lesson: even in our old age, excitement (and danger!) in romance is still attainable. Just grab ahold of that subway door and pull.*


*This activity is not actually recommended by the author of this post; riding between the cars of a train (going over a bridge!) is very dangerous and could cost you $75—money that could be spent on a nice dinner at the restaurant of your choosing.

Contact the author at, especially if you are one or more of the members of this couple.

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