Over the weekend, two global art-world icons took some pics in Paris. Hereā€™s one of their pics:

Hereā€™s a pic of a pic in front of some pics:

Hereā€™s another pic of a pic.


These two buddies got together at Weiweiā€™s new exhibit, which is stagedā€”in true dissident fashionā€”within Parisā€™s luxury department store Le Bon MarchĆ©. The show is called ā€œChildā€™s Play.ā€ From the New York Times:

Kite-like recreations of his most-famous works ā€œSurveilance Cameraā€ (2006), ā€œBrain Inflationā€ (2009) and ā€œStudy of Perspectiveā€ (1995-2011) are on display, as well as references to the work of his father, the eminent Chinese poet and activist Ai Qing, who spent time in Paris in the 1920s and ā€˜30s. Interned in labor camps for the first 20 years of his sonā€™s life, Qing influenced Weiweiā€™s own politically charged work ā€” which, in turn, saw the artist put under house arrest and unable to travel for four years (his passport was confiscated).

Also on display: friendship.

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