I am not exaggerating when I say that the Shedd Aquarium's new rescued baby otter is so cute that watching videos of her ottering around is an almost emotionally overwhelming experience. I'm near tears. It's too much.


The Shedd Aquarium put up a new video of its newest star, known for now as Pup 681, yesterday, after its first round of pictures and footage started getting viral legs. Thank you, Shedd Aquarium, for giving the otter-crazed public what it wants: more otter news.

The pup swims in her own pool, splashing with long strands of felt normally used in carwashes that are intended to replicate kelp. She also chews on plastic key rings and other toys because she is teething, her trainers said.

The pup's caretakers said she is learning to feed and bathe herself. She currently takes in a diet of instant formula in a bottle and sliced clam pieces.


OK, now I'm crying.

Chicago, meanwhile, continues to lose its shit. I continue to ponder flying to Chicago simply to be near this baby otter. Please send help. In the form of an otter.

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