Here's Mindy McCready's Super Sad Suicide Prevention Video

Apparently, a few days before she killed herself, Mindy McCready was working on a suicide prevention video with a man named Dan "Danno" Hanks. People reports that the song, "I'll See You Yesterday," was intended for her next album, and she was dedicating the clip to her boyfriend, David Wilson, who shot himself in January.

"She told me that it was beautiful, it made her cry and was exactly what she wanted," says Dan "Danno" Hanks, a private investigator friend who produced the video. "I asked her if I could post it and Mindy's answer was, 'You'll know when it's right.' In hindsight she was having me produce her suicide video."

The video is just a slide show of pictures of McCready and Wilson and their house; it ends with the words "suicide is preventable."


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Don't think I'll ever understand suicide to be honest, I've just given up trying to rationalize it.

I've never been in a situation where offing myself was the only option. I mean, how has this become a dilemma in people? It's obviously apparent that there are other ways to cope with adversity, so why do people still not see that suicide isn't the answer?

I don't think I'll ever understand.