Here's Lindsay Lohan Playing a Spoiled, Flakey Bride on 2 Broke Girls

Don't call it a comeback: She's been here for years. And look, she's working: Last night Lindsay Lohan was the guest star on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Lindsay played Claire, a high-maintenance, indecisive bride who hires cupcake queens Max and Caroline to do her wedding cake. It was a pretty one-dimensional character, but Lindsay did what she could. Besides, as usual, the audience's reactions got some "sweetening" from a laugh track.

The writers of the show love to mock hipsters and Brooklyn, so Lindsay got to talk about the cupcake place being located in the kind of neighborhood where you can get held up one or two times, and how there was a gang shooting on Bedford Avenue (???). She also suggested the ladies make her a cake with a "weird, hipster Williamsburg vibe." It was interesting and meta to watch Lindsay play a character who is difficult to work with, given the fact she's been branded as difficult and there were even rumors that she was a trainwreck who flubbbed her lines during filming. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, the stars of the show, have denied that report, calling Lindsay "prepared, sweet to everyone, and professional."

Still! There were a couple of winky references to Lindsay's real-life persona: In one scene, her character says marriage is "not for me — like underwear." Who could forget that period of time when it seemed all she did for a living was be photographed getting out of a car without panties? In a later scene, after watching Caroline and Max share a tender moment, she says, "I was watching you guys together, and now I'm thinking I might be into girls." Paging Sam Ronson.

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Fred Fuchs

In general, the acting on this show is so terrible that I can't believe it's still on. It's like watching a high school play on screen. Not to mention that every joke is sey up on a tee ball tee.