Here's Lana Del Rey Delivering Her First Performance Of 'Love' At SXSW

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

As the United States mutates into a toxic hell-dimension of the Joss Whedon variety, there’s very little that brings me comfort and joy. But during the four minutes and 39 seconds of Lana Del Rey’s new, celestial single, “Love,” I do manage to forget our newly maggot-infested executive branch and dwell in a bit of happiness. It is thus important to me that you hear her first live performance of the song, delivered Friday night at SXSW.

There are no marked variations from the album version, but Del Rey maintains her trademark ethereality without all the bells and whistles of studio production. It’s lovely; she’s lovely; if you watch the video you will feel lovely.

Word is that our bewitching songstress will release a full album later this year. We’ll keep you updated.



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She is dreadful. I do not understand why anyone listens to her.