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Here's Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Sung in 20 Different Musical Styles

Do you really love "Dark Horse," but feel it could use a series of strange-but-kinda-genius covers? Then the Internet made you something! This single video features 20 different musical styles, ranging from N*SYNC to Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti to the Doors. "She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer" really stands out when it's rapped like Run D.M.C!


Personally, I think Iron Maiden works the best, in case Katy's looking for a new sound.

The video is the work of one Anthony Vincent, who will also record any ten-second song you can scrape together, no rhyming necessary, in any style for a mere $5. (He might have to do battle with comedian Don Fanelli for the name, though, as Fanelli already uses it for his Tumblr of very brief tunes.)


Bizarre Cleopatra fantasia sold separately.

(via Reddit)

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The Queen one seemed kind of off-base, but once I got to 'N Sync all was forgiven — that one was perfect.