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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Here's Katy Perry and John Mayer's Moody, Insufferable New Album Art

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Katy Perry and John Mayer have unleashed upon the unsuspecting world the album art for their duet "Who You Love." In it, John Mayer looks like the most irritating person in your freshman year dorm, all pensive with an acoustic guitar. Katy Perry is a face and some limbs in a sea of velvet.

Mayer tweeted, "'Who You Love' is here. Proud of this song, proud of this artwork, proud of this girl. - JM." (Katy Perry, for the record, is a grown-ass woman.) In interviews, he has glowingly described the love song as "very convincing" and stated that its message is "I love you based on the fact that I've tried to run and I'm not running and I give up." Ah, modern love. Be still, my beating heart, etc. [E!]


Justin Bieber continues his tenure as the world's Skateboarding Banksy With An Attitude Problem. The maladjusted elf lad recently painted three disgusting lumps with faces upon a hotel well in Sydney— along with a dollar sign, for good measure — and the hotel loved it. Good for you, Bieber? I don't know anymore. [Page Six]

Life-sized silicon Lady Gaga dolls now exist in Japan. They were crafted by a company that specializes in synthetic "love dolls," and they emit messages and music from their chests. I guess the only real question is why this hasn't happened sooner.

When describing the doll unveiling event, Gaga uttered this terrifying sentence: "[The fans] were so excited to take pictures of me with the dolls and then all of a sudden the dolls took over." IS OUR GOVERNMENT PREPARED FOR A GAGA-DOLL ATTACK SCENARIO? Stay tuned. [NY Daily News]


  • Harry Styles won Best Dressed in his graduating class of Everyone In The UK. He beat David Beckham and Kate Moss. [E!]
  • Demi Lovato was Twitter-supportive of Joe Jonas' tell-all; her sister was Twitter-angry. The term "user" was employed. [GossipCop]
  • And Dylan Sprouse, who was on a Disney channel show as well, went on a weird pseudo-intellectual rant about individuality in response. "Individuality is modernity's most interesting trait regarding artwork and so so many talented individuals realize this." Oooookay. [ONTD]
  • If very boring stories about wedge salad and tuna tartare appeal to you, you should definitely read this fun little tale about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's lunch date in Atlanta. [People]
  • Lady Gaga wore jeans with Disney princesses on them. [Just Jared]
  • Ed Sheeran had Thanksgiving at Jennifer Aniston's house; he says that he drank a lot of wine and wore board shorts. Honestly, that sounds really fun. Everyone should strive to drink wine in board shorts more often. [E!]
  • Cheyenne Jackson, who is reportedly in Glee (???), has gotten Internet famous for some kind of 52-second sex tape. 52 seconds? That's like a glorified Vine. [NY Daily News]
  • Orlando Bloom never even read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Goodbye forever. [HuffPo]
  • Behind Zooey Deschanel's bangs lurk a moody and capricious and difficult-to-work-with mind, says a production insider. [Radar]
  • OMG STOP THE PRESSES ROBERT PATTINSON WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS COCAINE ONCE. What a surprise. We are all shocked. Today the world stands still. [Radar]
  • The Internet is freaking out over an Instagram of Lindsay Lohan's nipple. I think it's a well-composed photograph. Also, we as a nation need to sit down and have a long talk about what nipples mean to us because we can't continue to start screaming all at once every time we see a photograph of one. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Here are some pictures of Usher on set as Sugar Ray Leonard. [The Life Files]