Here's Karlie Kloss' Favorite Destiny's Child Song, as Performed By The Voice Coaches


Here’s a thing that’s interesting in a way many things in life aren’t: the coaches of The Voice—aka your aunts and uncles who used to really boogie with the band back in the dayfinding a way to ruin TLC’s “Waterfalls” by turning into an emo acoustic blend of country, R&B, Gwen Stefani raps and Blake Shelton yelps.

It’s certainly something, if anything. And there’s even a grainy filter to give the performance a real vintage edge. Karlie Kloss approves, even if no one else does, seeing as how “Waterfalls” is her favorite Destiny’s Child song.

The best parts of this cover, in no particular order:

Blake Shelton: “Yeaw!”

Alicia Keys: “Oh, here go my part.”

Blake Shelton: “Yoo!”

Alicia Keys: “Ayyyy!”

Adam Levine: “That’s how you sing, America.”

TFW you locate the rhythm...kinda!:


The new season of The Voice premieres February 27.

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please stick to the music and the styles that you’re used to, voice judges.