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Here's How to Watch The Cosby Show Without Needing a Shower Afterward

Illustration for article titled Heres How to Watch iThe Cosby Show /iWithout Needing a Shower Afterward

Want to watch The Cosby Show over holiday break without feeling like you're covered in maggots? Planning on enjoying the sitcom's sibling shenanigans on the one channel—Hi Centric—that hasn't ended their syndication of the 1980s blockbuster series? There's a solution!


Over at Clickhole, geniuses have put together a yuletide surprise that will even make you forgive Jell-o pudding pops for their association with that guy who's been accused of drugging, attempting to rape and raping over 20 women—that we know of—since the 1970s.

Since holiday magic (and video embedding technology) only goes so far, you'll have to head over here to see it. But, I promise, it's worth it.


Image via NBC.

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Even in those clips, I'm reminded of how much it was Phylicia Rashad—and Phylicia Rashad alone—who made The Cosby Show work for me.